How Does This Work?

Question: How does this work? What should I expect?

Answer: It’s easy. Once you reach out, we’ll set up some within 48 hours when we can sit down and talk. Expect us to ask ab out details of the history of the residence.

How long have you been here?
What’s been replaced recently? Have there been any recent updates?
What needs attention?
What is the style of the house?
Is it being rented? If so, is anybody leasing it now?
Why are you moving?
When was the house built?
What is the square footage?
How many floors?
Is there a basement? If so, is it finished? Does it flood?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do all of the bedrooms have closets?
Do you own the house outright or do you have a loan on it?
Do you have any outstanding debts on the house that I should know about should I buy it?
Water and sewer? Is all of the plumbing original? How old is the water heater?
Have there been any changes to the electric? Is the box original?
When was the last time the roofing was replaced?
Has there been any water damage? When?
When were the windows last replaced? What kind are they? Vinyl?
HVAC? Window unit or forced air?
How old is the furnace?

The information we gather from these questions helps us give you more options.

From there, we are open to answer any questions you have. We will walk you through the process and the pros/cons of each option.

After that, we will put a contract offer in front of you to decide on. You can walk away at any time. No worries.

But first you have to contact us by filling out this form: